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Elegant Lighting 1130 Geneva Collection Table Lamp D-22in H-34in Lt-Rustic Intent Finish-Royal Cut Golden Teak Crystals-1130TL21RI-GT-RC

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Shades of the past and present merge with new age design to create the Geneva. The old world feel of a classic crystal chandelier suspended in the modern take on the gyroscope. Many finishes and shades of crystal make this a custom classic. Width / Diameter (in.): 22Height (in.): 34Chain/Wire Incuded: 6 ft.Light Blubs: 6Bulb Type: E12Bulb Wattage: 60Max Wattage: 360Voltage: 110V-125VFinish: R...
Elegant Lighting 1130 Geneva Collection Table Lamp D-22in H-34in Lt-Rustic Intent Finish-Royal Cut Golden Teak Crystals-1130TL21RI-GT-RC

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